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Multicomponent Interventions in Early Childhood Education: A Systematic Review

Henriette Offer-Boljahn, Dennis C. Hövel & Thomas Hennemann

Department of Health Education and Rehabilitation, University of Cologne, Germany


Early interventions influence later school success. Nevertheless, these mostly are domain specific rather than combining the components that are considered important. In this study, it is investigated whether multicomponent interventions combining key domains such as language, mathematics, social-emotional, and cognitive competences show positive effects and support preschoolers in early learning settings. A systematic review of the literature revealed the existence of six multicomponent interventions. These studies used standardized tests for academic learning measures. Measures related to behavior were based on teachers’ assessments. The studies all showed significant positive effects concerning speech development and literacy skills, behavior and attention. Further important characteristics and related effects as well as the practical relevance of these studies for future research will be discussed.

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