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Papers submitted to PAIR should be methodologically sound, not published elsewhere, theoretically informed and up-to-date, and of relevance to both scientists and practitioners who are interested in evidence-based research in the field of (dynamic) assessment and intervention. The journal is particularly interested in research that aims to inform psychoeducational or clinical assessment and intervention practice(s) within a wide content domain.

Specific topics PAIR considers include: 

  • (Dynamic)Assessment & Testing in Education
  • (Dynamic) Assessment & Testing in Adults Assessment & Intervention in Special Education
  • Assessment, Intervention, & Rehabilitation in Clinical Settings
  • Psychoeducational Intervention
  • Cognitive & Metacognitive Training in Children, Adolescents, & Adults
  • Assessment & Intervention in Gifted Children/Adolescents
  • Assessment and Intervention in persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Assessment & Intervention in persons with emotional problems
  • Assessment & Intervention in children/adolescents with learning difficulties
  • Assessment & intervention related to language impairment
  • Assessment & intervention in older persons
  • Assessment & intervention in persons with neuro-psychological impairments

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