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Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Steffen Moritz, (Hamburg University Medical Centre, Department off Clinical NeuropsychologyGermany) will give a talk on

Metacognitive Training for Psychosis (MCT): implementation and new evidence“.

Prof. Dr. Petra Hurks (University of Maastricht, Department of Neuropsychology), the Netherlands) will speak about  

Neuropsychological heterogeneity within ADHD in children: dissociable causes , diagnostics and new training  approaches”

Prof. Dr. Iveta Kovalcikova (University of Presov, Department of Pedagogy, Slovakia) will report on

“Domain-Specific Stimulation of Executive Functioning in Low-Performing Students with a Roma Background”

Prof. Dr. Rene Proyer (University of Halle, Institute of Psychology, Germany will provide insights on

“Assessment of Adult Playfulness, Self-directed Online Interventions, and Their Potential Use in Educational and Clinical Settings”

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