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Communication assessment in people with PIMD. Evaluating the use of the INSENSION Questionnaire – Longform (InQL)

Meike Engelhardt, Torsten Krämer, Marlen Marzini, Teresa Sansour, Peter Zentel

Department of Special Education, Heidelberg University of Education, Germany


This paper aims to evaluate the use of the INSENSION Questionnaire – Longform (InQL) and to present several options of data analysis based on the results of a first study conducted using the InQL. The current version of the questionnaire was tested with the caregivers (relatives and support professionals) of 21 individuals with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD). For each test person the questionnaire was filled in by two caregivers. The results are presented exemplarily to show the potential of the InQL as well as to discuss critical aspects. The extracted results show the questionnaire’s aptness to provide detailed insights into the means of communication of a specific individual with PIMD as well as various possibilities of data analysis. The implied multiperspectivity of the InQL allows analysing the content from different points of view. These benefits for the field of practice are complemented by those for research illustrated by the concept of the Global PIMD Atlas. For further improvement as well as for validation purposes the InQL is now in revision.

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